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The term “architectural concrete masonry units” typically is used to describe units displaying any one of several surface finishes that affects the texture of the unit, allowing the structural wall and finished surfaces to be installed in a single step.  The appearance of the wall can be varied with the unit size and shape, color of the units and mortar, bond pattern, and surface finish.

The most common architectural concrete masonry finishes are, Split Face, Scored, Fluted or Ribbed, Ground Face, and Glazed Face. Availability of architectural units vary greatly between locations, and are often special order.  Please contact your closest LEE Building Products for more detailed information on types and color options.

Architectural units comply with the same quality standards as conventional concrete masonry, Standard Specification for Loadbearing Concrete Masonry Units, ASTM C 90. Please refer to our RESOURCE section for additional technical information.

Ground Face/Glazed Face

Lee Brick & Block is proud to feature Trenwyth products. We offer a variety of ground face / glazed block.

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A sound-absorbing, structural concrete masonry unit with closed end cavities to resonate sound to frequencies, converting sound waves to harmless heat.

A concrete block with a tile-like bonded glazed face. This is FDA approved and provides a sanitary and chemical resistant facing in a variety of colors, shapes, and scoring patterns.

Prairie Stone
A versatile high density architectural concrete masonry unit with the look of natural stone in a variety of shapes and sizes up to 16″ x 24″.

This is a ground face integrally colored concrete block that exposes variegated colors of natural aggregates.

Sound Block


They positively improve sound quality of interior rooms and outdoor environments and provide structure for walls and buildings with inherent performance advantages. 

Their three-fold performance of structure/absorption/barrier is provided within a single component acoustical wall system.