Lee Building Products


In 1963 LEE Building Products, Inc. started out as a company between friends, Ray Lee and Tommy Nash. The original name of their company, Lee Nash Masonry Products was formed in Frankfort, KY. In the early 70’s, Ray Lee bought Nash’s end of the business which then became LEE Brick & Block in 1975. From that point on, with the help of his 5 sons, LEE Building Products Inc., has expanded it to what it is today with 26 locations and +400 employees across Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee.

In 2006, LEE Building Products became a 100% employee-owned company and in 2021 joined Houchens Industries, Inc. We at LEE Building Products manufacture, sell and distribute an array of products for industrial, commercial, and residential use. We distribute a wide variety of architectural concrete block, pavers, retaining walls, outdoor firepits, natural and manufactured stone. We also sell and distribute many brands of clay brick, natural stone, concrete masonry units, masonry accessories, hardscape accessories and landscape lighting.

Our brand promise is simple; we provide our customer superior service and deliver the best quality product available in the marketplace. By building trusting relationships with employees, customers and vendors, dedication to hard work and investing in our people, production facilities and equipment, we have and will continue to meet the needs of our valued customers and industry standards.

Houchens Industries was originally founded in Glasgow, Kentucky by Ervin G. Houchens in 1917 as Houchens Foods. A century later, Houchens Industries operates more than 300 retail grocery, convenience, and neighborhood market stores across 14 states. Complemented by a strong foundation of diverse companies and +15,000 employees corporate-wide, Houchens Industries is listed as one of the largest 100% employee-owned companies in the world.

Houchens Industries is a 104-year-old company that has grown to be one of the nation’s largest 100% employee-owned companies in the United States with over 19,000 ESOP participants. In addition, Houchens is an extremely diversified company with businesses in more than eleven industries.