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Counter Sales Position 
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Yard Laborer Position 
Please contact our Glasgow location for job details and more information at (270) 659-2770.

Outside Sales Position 
Please contact our Hopkinsville location for job details and more information at (270) 886-6696.

Inside Sales Representative
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Accounting/Service Representative
Please contact our Louisville location for job details and more information: (502) 245-3135

Class A Driver Position 
Please contact our Somerset location for job details and more information at (606) 451-8898.


Lee Building Products is built on values and is built to last. If you are looking for a career you can grow in and a company you can grow with, then you are looking in the right place. We are more than just building products. We are a family built on the solid foundation of Trust, Honesty, and Hard Work.

From personal growth to professional development and all of the benefits in between, Lee Building Products is excited about the opportunities our team members have. We are dedicated to our people, which means taking care of them for the long haul. We know the accomplished feeling of a good day’s work, and we share that feeling daily at every Lee branch, from the front office to the blockyard.


A career with Lee means we take care of you like family. Our benefits include full insurance coverage for Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life. These benefits are available for our full-time employees and are the building block of a lasting career with our team. Ask your supervisor for details on our benefits program and related employee costs. Through Lee, you will have access to group rates which are far less than independent coverage.

Disclaimer: Eligibility for benefits starts 90 days after the probation period for full-time employees only.

With Lee we want our team in it for the long haul. We like consistency and dedication and because of this we set our people up for long-term, continued success. After our 90 day probation period employees have access to our full benefits package which far surpasses any small, hourly wage increases elsewhere. We are proud to offer these unparalleled advantages for working on our team and know that a career with Lee goes a long way in advancing your future.


Lee Building Products is unique in many ways, however, being an employee-owned company is one of the most notable. 

In 2006, Lee Building Products implemented an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), which was an exciting transition for our traditional, family-owned company.  For the first time in the company’s history, it meant that every single employee would begin to benefit from the success of the company by becoming shareholders.  Although there is a vesting period for our employees to be fully eligible to receive the benefits of the ESOP, every employee begins to participate in the first year they work more than a minimum amount of weeks under the plan setup.

It is true that an ESOP most directly impacts employees by adding potential for a boost in retirement funds, but it also creates a positive impact on the customers we serve.  Our employees (shareholders) are aware that their everyday decisions affect the company’s share value from year to year. 

Every time an employee provides service to our customers that create a great experience, adds creativity to help launch an innovative new product, manufactures quality concrete masonry units, offers reliable training, and delivers on-time products and services, they create long-term loyal customers.  These customer relationships built from trust and performance create the revenue needed to keep our company successful and therefore more valuable to its shareholders.  That value, in turn, has spurred an environment of proactive, customer-focused teams across the Lee Building Products company. 

Becoming an ESOP was a large shift in the culture of Lee Building Products.  However, it has challenged and pushed out teams to work more intelligently and efficiently.  The team-building atmosphere it has created has pushed our company to new heights.  This was and remains a major positive impact for our employees and therefore, our customers.  We are excited about the future of Lee Building Products and anticipate even greater momentum and performance.