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Have you ever looked at natural stone? The beauty of its colors, textures and each unique dimple or divot is stunning. Natural stone has its many amazing qualities for visual appeal but when it comes to building and installing, the process can be heavy and more expensive.

Veneerstone™ manufactured stone can capture the character and uniqueness of natural stone, only weighing much less and is much more cost effective. Being ultra-lightweight, this stone can be packaged more efficient as well as producing less shipping and labor costs.

How is Veneerstone™ made? Hot melt molds made from natural stone capture the intricate details and beauty that is desired. Our team of talented color specialists mix and capture the hues and variations of color from natural stone through liquid pigments. Then, they hand paint them into the molds essentially touching every stone and every mold. Our team carries a responsibility and a craft, their craft, in providing their best for each and every product.

As the materials pour into the hand painted molds, go down the production line and ship out, Veneerstone™ knows that our clients are getting the highest quality of manufactured stone available.

Veneerstone™ is also a respected producer of thin brick. Thin, modular, flats and corners, we produce a variety of brick styles to fit anyones needs. Available in a variety of sizes, styles and colors our brick is sure to add the character and appeal that your project needs.

To learn more, visit our website at veneerstone.biz, call 800.781.0277, or come by any of our LEE Building Products locations to speak to our knowledgeable team members. We are in the heart of the Southeast/Midwest and manufacture and distribute to many locations across Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee. Our team members are happy to help you as a homeowner, contractor, architect, builder or developer in choosing the perfect exterior, interior, residential and commercial products available.