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SPEC-FINISH® combines special smooth and tight textured SPEC-SURFACE™ block from CPG with high performance coatings from Tnemec. SPEC-SURFACE may also be used with ordinary paint coatings.

  • SPEC-FINISH® blocks are made with a special mix design including a pre-conditioner that results in an especially tight and smooth surface texture.
  • SPEC-FINISH® walls offer superior performance for applications with exacting hygienic requirements – both the block and mortar joints are fulling coated, and the coatings may also be applied to flooring and ceiling to provide comprehensive coverage.
Construction Efficiency
  • The smooth and tight surface texture results in labor and time savings when compared to using traditional CMU by minimizing need for block filler layers prior to painting or coating.
  • SPEC-FINISH®is significantly less expensive than alternate approaches for its intended applications, such as glazed tile or CMU.
Four chemical-resistant, high-performance finish levels to meet a variety of aesthetic and performance requirements.


Standard Block Finish (Level I)

Orange Peel Block Finish (Level II)

Smooth Block Finish (Level III)

Smooth Block Finish (Level IV)


Sample colors shown are digital graphic representations of Coated Masonry Wall System color blends. Appearance of actual product may vary in differing lighting conditions. Lee Building Products recommends viewing physical samples for color selection prior to order and the use of a job site sample panel to assure best results.