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Spec-Brik® Jumbo offers full height for aesthetics and construction efficiency.

Spec-Brik® Jumbo is a nominal 8” (“full height”) version of Spec-Brik, offered in our Spec-Brik color blends to provide the beauty of flashed brick. This product is great for single wythe construction where both exterior and interior wall appearance is important.

Often used as a more economical wall assembly for side and rear walls when 4” Spec-Brik is used on the entry wall, Spec-Brik Jumbo combines well with 8” architectural masonry units for contrasting colors or textures. It also works very well with 4” Spec-Brik to provide column or band accents with contrasting scale.


4 x 8 x16

6 x 8 x16

8 x 8 x16

10 x 8 x16

12 x 8 x16


Basalt Blend

Chesapeake Blend

Delaware Blend

Dixon Blend

Flint Blend

Gardener Blend

Houston Blend

Jefferson City Blend

Panama City Blend

Philadelphia Blend

Stanton Blend

St. Cloud Blend

Sample colors shown are digital graphic representations of SPEC-BRIK® Jumbo color blends. Appearance of actual product may vary in differing lighting conditions. Lee Building Products recommends viewing physical samples for color selection prior to order and the use of a job site sample panel to assure best results.