Lee Building Products

SPEC-THERMAL HI-R-H® & HI-R-H® Half high

HI-R-H are pre-insulated fully grouted masonry wall systems that offer superior thermal performance. Throw out your expectation that masonry cannot meet stringent Code requirements; these products are game changers.

HI-R-H is now also available in some regions in a half high (nominal 4”x1version to offer brick aesthetics. This version is available in our Spec-Brik color blends, and can be integrated with Spec-Brik or Spec-Brik Veneer construction. Please contact Lee Building Products for availability.


  • Double exposed single wythe masonry walls with durable architectural finishes for conditioned spaces in all Climate Zones.
  • Single wythe walls for conditioned spaces in all Climate Zones with furring/wallboard and/or interior or exterior insulation.
  • Load-bearing walls above and/or below grade.


  • Meets stringent energy code requirements
  • May be fully or partially grouted
  • Saves time and expense due to efficiency of single wythe construction
  • Beautiful and durable masonry finish inside and out
  • Available in full and half high versions for classic masonry beauty


HI-R-H™ Half-High