Lee Building Products

Now Showcasing the Southern Traditions™ 60 MM Cobble and Holland Pavers and Tumbled Wall. These products feature our newly blended color options and updated textures. The Cobble paver system has two individual sizes of 6”x6” and 6”x9” and the Holland paver system comes in a 4”x8” size, while the Tumbled Wall product has a dimension of 4”x8”x12”.

The two paver systems are available in a tumbled and an untumbled finish which creates either a sleeker, smoother or more earthy, rustic feel for any space. Cobble, Holland and the Tumbled Wall come in three newly blended color options, with the Holland having two extra available color options which are mostly used for soldier or sailor courses.

The paver systems are perfect for all hardscape projects, driveways, walkways pool decks, patios, etc. and can be installed in a variety of laying patterns to create a one of a kind look and feel.