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StoneAge Manufacturing Wood Burning Fireplace Kit 

Standard model fireplaces are complete kits, with everything needed to construct the fireplace included except the stone veneer and mortar. Chimney sections, firebrick, hearth and support legs are all part of the package to simplify preparation and installation. Arched lintels are standard with straight lintels as a no charge option. 

Choices of veneer stone are available on the Mountain Stone Classic Series page. 

Veneer Stone found on the Mountain Stone Classic Series page apply to the fireplace in the following quantities: 
36-inch fireplace 105 SF/720 lbs. of flats and 30 SF/220 lbs. of corners. 48-inch fireplace 120/865 lbs. SF of flats and 30 SF/220 lbs of corners. 

Available Sizes: 36′′ and 48′′ firebox opening width. Firebox height: 28′′ arched or 22′′ straight SA36 – 36′′ with Arched Lintel Weight: 2800 lbs.* SA-36 STR –36′′ with Straight Lintel Weight: 2800 lbs.* SA48 – With Arched Lintel Weight: 3100 lbs.* SA48 – Straight Lintel Weight: 3100 lbs.* *Weight does not include veneer stone

Fireplace Add-Ons 
Stone Age Wood Storage Boxes

Wood Storage Boxes are available for all Standard, Contractor, Patio and New Age™ series fireplace. These kits are 36” wide by 36 ”tall, and are offered with an arched, or square opening, and also with a solid front to allow creation of a custom opening by the installer.