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Do you love the look of natural stone but need something more affordable, lighter weight and easier to install?

Mountain Stone® products are developed from natural stone “masters” and turned into molds which are then used to produce our finished products. Our craftsmen and women use the master stones to create detailed molds with every unique feature from the natural stones.

Nooks, crannies, fine sedimentary lines, dimples and the defined chisel marks made by a master stonemason are captured within those molds. This process in return creates the most natural looking finished products on the market.

Mountain Stone® strives to create products that capture the natural textures, colors and features of real stone, so much that when you see, touch or feel it you cannot tell the difference between natural or manufactured. This is a sign that our product is at its highest quality because it is made as nature intended.

What makes Mountain Stone® appealing? Beautiful, character-rich stone style, ease of use and installation, plus it is versatile enough for use on a wide variety of applications. Our product can be utilized for interior walls and accents, columns and posts, garden seat walls and accents, patio kitchen islands, hardscapes and more!

For many decades, Mountain Stone® manufactured stone has been a trusted, dependable and affordable first choice of builders, developers, architects and homeowners. Faux stone, artificial stone, thin veneer, man-made stone, adhered veneer, anchored veneer, decorative stone and concrete stone are just a few of the names used to describe products such as ours. We call it Mountain Stone®. Once you experience its beauty and long-term durability benefits, you will be glad you made it your first choice.

To learn more, visit our website at mtstone.com, call 800.781.0277, or come by any of our LEE Building Products locations to speak to our knowledgeable team members. We are in the heart of the Southeast/Midwest and manufacture and distribute to many locations across Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee. Our team members are happy to help you as a homeowner, contractor, architect, builder or developer in choosing the perfect exterior, interior, residential and commercial products available.