Lee Building Products



At Lee Masonry Products we offer Earthworks brand real stone in a full thickness cut or a thin veneer. Earthworks operates six quarries throughout the Midwest to produce some of the most beautiful and unique natural stone products in the world.


  • Aux Vases Snapped Dimensional – This stone has long been known by many stone masons throughout the years as one of the best quality and easiest working stones. Mixed colors of soft blues and buff.
  • Cottonwood Dimensional Snapped ​- This white to creamy colored stone has the look of ancient old world beauty. Very consistent color and texture.
  • Country Villa Tumbled Dimensional – This blend has been selected to represent only the finest earth tone colors showing a full range of bedface colors.
  • EW Gold Snapped Dimensional – This dolomitic limestone offers a color scheme and texture like no other. The EW Gold consists of grays, buffs, and gold.
  • Harvest Mix Tumbled – Harvest Mix Veneer offers a blended array of the Aux Vases Blue & Buff, our Rustic Cleft Blue & Buff and Chocolate Marble. This mix consists of sawn heights (3-9′′) and natural bed material.