Lee Building Products

Cornerstone FORTUS 12D Retaining Walls

An Easy to Lift and Versatile System

With its multi-purpose hollow core design, Fortus 12D retaining wall blocks deliver easy-to-install lightweight units with outstanding drainage capabilities. These durable blocks are equipped with built-in patented SureGrip handholds that prioritize easy lifting and versatile, cost-efficient installations. The Fortus 12D system’s versatility achieves modern, resilient retaining wall features including gravity or geogrid walls, elegant curves, corners, steps and pillar designs.


  • Lightweight blocks to simplify and streamline installations
  • Patented SureGrip beveled handholds for user-friendly handling
  • Hollow core block design for advanced drainage capabilities
  • Rear lip for consistent block setback and alignment
  • Maximize units per pallet for cost-efficient shipping


Angled Flat Side Up

Angled Lip Side Up

Angled Lip Side Up

Angled Lip Side Up