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*Image is representation of product style and physical characteristics. LEE Building Products produces each Anchor Diamond product in various color options. Please speak with a team member for color options available for your area.


Renowned for its rough-hewn face and earthen tones, the Diamond Pro Stone Cut® retaining wall system imparts a rich, faceted appearance not commonly found in commercial retaining walls. The performance characteristics make it the proven solution for tall walls, Department of Transportation projects, commercial developments, water applications and other critical wall needs.
  • Original rear-lip locator
  • Can be used to build gravity walls up to 4 feet high, including buried course, but excluding the cap*
  • Taller walls can be built using geosynthetic reinforcement or the Anchorplex™ retaining wall system when designed by a qualified engineer
  • Minimum outside radius, measured on the top course to the front of the units: 4 feet
  • Minimum inside radius, measured on the base course to the front of the units: 7 feet
  • ICC evaluated
*This height assumes cores are filled with drainage aggregate, level backfill and clean, compacted sand or gravel and no surcharge.


Approximate Dimensions*
8″ x 18″ x 12″

Approximate Weight*
77 lbs.

1.00 sq. ft.

Setback/System Batter
1″ / 7.1


Approximate Dimensions
4″ x 17 1/4 x 10 3/8″ (Front)
4″ x 12″ x 10 3/8″ (Back)

Approximate Weight*
47 lbs.

1.22 lin. ft.


Approximate Dimensions*
8″ x18: x 9″
8″ x 18″ x 9″

Approximate Weight*
101 lbs.

1.50 sq. ft.